Move to Love


Call for submissions!  “Move to Love” an anthology..

We are ready to begin accepting submissions on a new anthology about love.  What we have in mind is not only about the love between two individuals, but how we, as individuals, should be setting aside our preconceived notions of others and become more inclusive and spread love rather than hate.

We are accepting short stories, poetry, art work, and even quotes from and recommendations for outside reading.  We do not have a cut off set yet.  It will depend on the response from you, the authors, poets, artists, and lovers.

Really excited about this one. Stay tuned for our call for submissions, you are most likely going to want to be a part of this one!

Not just an anthology, we hope to start a “movement” to counteract the hate and exclusion of  people or those with behavioral or other differences.

About submission fees.  Well, I have mixed feelings on this one.  The last project cost more than anticipated, and we put in a lot of time. But, this is hopefully going to be a much bigger thing, so…. I am going to ask for your support, on a voluntary basis. Yes, I am asking you to consider donating to this project. Any amount is most generously accepted.

Thank you.

PS, working on the cover art as we speak.

Cover Art is done, check out the cover design….next page

Hey guys, the first 5 accepted contributors will receive a free “Move to Love” pin.

Some thoughts from me to you.

Move to Love


Speak not of other’s hate, or deeds unkind.

Seek not to hurt or damn those who do so to others.

Reach out to others who are not like yourself and accept them for who or what they are.

There are no two of us exactly alike, nor are there any two of us wholly different.

You cannot save others, or the world, nor can you damn.


You can move to love as a choice.

You can move to love others however different.

You can move to love yourself no matter your past.

You can, … move to love.